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 Assassins Creed Brotherhood

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مُساهمةموضوع: Assassins Creed Brotherhood   الخميس أبريل 14, 2011 7:49 pm

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Assassins Creed Brotherhood DVD5RIP-Unleashed
26.03.2011 | English | PC | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Publisher: Ubisoft | 1.25 GB
Genre: Action

and breathe as Ezio, a legendary Master Assassin, in his enduring
struggle against the powerful Templar Order. He must journey into
Italy’s greatest city, Rome, center of power, greed and corruption to
strike at the heart of the enemy. Defeating the corrupt tyrants
entrenched there will require not only strength, but leadership, as Ezio
commands an entire Brotherhood who will rally to his side. Only by
working together can the Assassins defeat their mortal enemies and
prevent the extinction of their Order. And for the first time,
introducing a never-before-seen multiplayer layer that allows you to
choose from a wide range of Assassin characters, each with their own
unique weapons and assassination techniques, and match your skills
against other Assassins from around the world. It’s time to join the


* Choose from multiple
authentic character classes, each with their own signature weapons and
killing moves. With richly-detailed maps and a wide variety of unique
multiplayer modes, you’ll never fight the same way twice
* As Ezio, a
legendary Master Assassin, experience over 15 hours of single player
gameplay set in the living, breathing, unpredictable city of Rome
Recruit and train promising young Assassins. Deploy them across the city
as you see fit, or call upon them to aid you in your quests
* Collaborate with real historical characters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli and Caterina Sforza
Swiftly eliminate your enemies using tools such as poison darts,
parachutes, double hidden blades, hidden guns, and an advanced flying
machine at your disposal

Minimum System Requirements

* Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
* RAM: 1.5 GB RAM (or 2 GB RAM in Windows Vista/7)
* Graphics Card: 256 MB DirectX 9.0 compliant videocard with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
* DirectX: DirectX 9.0
* Hard Disk Space: 8 GB Hard Disk Space
* Input Devices: Keyboard and Mouse

Screenshot :


fileserve.com 2XSuNbZ/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part01.rar
fileserve.com ejcNJ7h/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part02.rar
fileserve.com P4gJnsK/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part03.rar
fileserve.com n543PJx/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part04.rar
fileserve.com GmUnJAb/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part05.rar
fileserve.com bwZY5Rk/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part06.rar
fileserve.com tdJ3c9P/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part07.rar
fileserve.com WajmSjW/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part08.rar
fileserve.com 6AseXfF/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part09.rar
fileserve.com rhec8Gc/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part10.rar
fileserve.com H6xucxz/Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part11.rar

Mirror 1:

bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part01.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part02.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part03.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part04.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part05.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part06.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part07.rar.html
bitshare.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part08.rar.html
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Mirror 2:

filesonic.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part01.rar
filesonic.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part02.rar
filesonic.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part03.rar
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filesonic.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part09.rar
filesonic.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part10.rar
filesonic.com Assassins.Creed.Brotherhood.DVD5RIP-Unleashed.part11.rar

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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: Assassins Creed Brotherhood   الجمعة أبريل 15, 2011 1:19 pm

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Assassins Creed Brotherhood
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